REGISTERS OF ILLUMINATED VILLAGES is Tarfia Faizullah’s highly anticipated second collection, following her award-winning debut, SEAM. Faizullah’s new work extends and transforms her powerful accounts of violence, war, and loss into poems of many forms and voices—elegies, outcries, self-portraits, and larger scale confrontations with discrimination, family, and memory. One poem steps down the page like a Slinky; another poem responds to makeup homework completed in the summer of a childhood accident; and the near-title poem, “Register of Eliminated Villages,” suggests illuminated texts, one a Qur’an in which the speaker’s name might be found, and the other a register of 397 villages destroyed in northern Iraq. Faizullah is an essential new poet, whose work only grows more urgent, beautiful, and—even in its unsparing brutality—full of love.

Somebody is always singing. Songs

were not allowed. Mother said,

Dance and the bells will sing with you.

I slithered. Glass beneath my feet. I

locked the door. I did not

die. I shaved my head. Until the horns

I knew were there were visible.

Until the doorknob went silent.

—from “100 Bells”

Cover Artwork by Shahzia Sikander